Filter Cleaning

To keep your pool operating properly, filters should be serviced twice a year. We will thoroughly service your filtration system. Examining the system for any defects, and making repairs or replacements as needed.

Filter cleaning for Diatomaceous Earth and Cartridge filters.

Note: Filter cleaning is different from a backwash as it involves a full disassemble and cleaning of dirt and debris by hand via a technician trained to optimize your filter effectiveness.

Why do a filter clean?

Prolongs the Life of the Filter Pump.

The Pump Motor runs cooler and more efficiently.

Prolongs the Life of the Filter.

Water flows more evenly through the grids and cartridges, helping maintain a lower pressure and reducing stress on all the internal parts. Typical filters contain $500 or more in internal parts that will last several times as long when subjected to less pressure and debris build up.

Creates a Healthier Pool

It is not uncommon to remove 10-20lbs of dirt, debris, and oils from a filter when we do a filter cleaning.

What is Included in a Service Filter Cleaning?

  • Full disassemble of all Grids / Cartridges
  • Cleansing with an Acid Solution as Needed to help remove build up.
  • Disassemble and Lubrication of the Backwash Valve.

Salt cells should be cleaned with scheduled filter clean.

  • Cleaning the salt cell removes mineral build up
  • Allows cell to produce chlorine more efficiently.
  • Prolongs cell life.

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